hiromix :: 6th sense paradise




Hiroya(Ocenn mind) shows 【hiromix::6th sense paradise】


1.Marlena Shaw / A Prelude For Rose Marie
2.(Interlude) Jazzanova / Sub Atlantic
3.FreeTempo / Oriental Quiet
4.(Interlude) Jazzanova / Cyclic

5.Museum of Plate / Outvention with Intro
6.Nujabes / Reflection Eternal 〜 Horizon
8.Alpha / Double View
9.Flaming Lips / Feeling Yourself Disintegrate 〜Sleeping On The Roof
11.6th Sense / Paradise
12.Jazztronik /The Piano


13.TIme Of Your Life / Refresher
14. Julius Papp / The Awakening
15.Little Big Bee / K.G.O (Jazztronik Remix)

16.Rachmaninov Prelude Op 23 No. 6 by Andrys :: hiromix Extinction edit!!!!
17.Jazztronik / Andromeda
18.Great3 / Caravan

Farewell : wave away , Good By 6th sense paradise !